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Focused support for transport and industry to ensure health, safety and compliance

Auditing transport and industrial operations and establishing what is exemplary, what is good and what needs to be improved to meet compliance with the Law and Operator Licensing. This may require extra resources such as people, systems and tools. Sense TMR Ltd works with clients from a variety of industry sectors which means that there is a wealth of knowledge, intelligence and experience to draw from whilst maintaining confidentiality and intellectual property ownership rights
Where a Company is preparing for an audit by the Regulator, a Trade Association or by a compliance scheme such as FORS, ISO or CHAS, Sense TMR Ltd will assist in building up the systems, procedures and the evidence required and to facilitate. This process may include accompaniment, coaching and representation for audits or even for Public Inquiries, Hearings or Court appearances

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Experience and knowledge to support management teams to achieve their required objectives and to be able to evidence compliance

Recognising that all businesses are different and have varying objectives, Sense TMR Ltd will work with a client to review, revise or develop Policies and Procedures that work for them. These may involve Employment, Health and Safety, Environment and Transport amongst others. Using these Policies and Procedures as the framework they will help the client to construct or modify the systems required to implement them
Assessing the risks in the business in terms of health and safety, compliance and business continuity is often the next step and so working alongside a client observing and measuring, Sense TMR Ltd will help to formulate suitable control measures and assist with training, communication and implementation

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Specialist in construction materials, agriculture and assets with experience in developing and safeguarding natural resources

With a strong background in the mineral products industry the principals of Sense TMR Ltd are particularly experienced in the wide spectrum of disciplines involved. Integrated solutions can be developed to provide a linked approach to land usage, haulage fleets, plant and machinery and the specialist skills required. This can involve associate and partner industries such as agriculture and food production, waste, steel and power

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Systems and people to facilitate business to deliver goods and services whilst achieving their purpose and responsibilities

By providing the extra resources of knowledge, experience and people, Sense TMR Ltd can assist and develop with a client. Sharing experiences and meeting challenges on the journey creates a working relationship which evolves with time as the industry, society and economic environment changes. Sense TMR Ltd builds on the experiences gained across and number of clients, sectors and industries which enables the sharing of best practice and novel solutions whilst maintaining confidentiality and intellectual property ownership rights

Our Services: Features
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